Digwyddiad O Leisiau


 Corporation Yard, Cardiff

Written by Yang Ming Renee

Sound Design by George Rigby

This site specific performance examines our dual responsibility to nature and community as part of modern city living. Looking to curate an experience for the particular community of its location, the event is designed to attempt a reconnection between audience and land.

Over the course of an evening, incorporating elements of Welsh mythology and Eastern legend, a series of performed stories draw a local audience together. Song, dance, one-to-one telling and projection over the surrounding architecture evolve a living landscape, conscious for one brief, shared night. The epic nature of the performance is opposed with its location and its audience - for I am particularly interested in the jarring quality of 'performance art' when it comes face to face with a non-theatre-going city community. Can we forge connections between physically experienced culture and individuals in society at all levels and of all nationalities?