Get Happy 

by Joseph Aldous 

‘I can have what you have.
I can do it better.
I’m going to show you I can get happy.’
Adam’s hot gay life is going from strength to strength, and he’s having a great time, actually. But when his best friend and housemate gets engaged and moves out, it’s time to make a change. All of Adam’s queer friends are settled. Happy. What a concept.
Well, Adam can be happy too.
Really, really, really, very very 100% super happy.
The clock’s ticking. But Adam’s going to get happy. Whatever it takes.
Clearly, absolutely nothing will go wrong.
A vibrant and pulsating one-person show, Get Happy looks at queer individuals’ relationships to happiness and asks: how do we Get Happy when we don’t know what it looks like? 

Writer and performer // Joseph Aldous

Director // Piers Black

Movement Director // Tilda O'Grady

Set & Costume Designer // Blythe Brett

Lighting Designer // Jonathan Chan 

Sound Designer // Anna Short & Annie May Fletcher  

Stage Manager // Katie Marie Galbraith

Producer // Rory Thomas Howes

Photography by me and Harry Elletson 

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