Murmurations by Tangled Feet

Take a walk into nature and tune into the stories the landscape holds.

Murmurations is a guided tour into nature you’ll never forget – a woman on a mission, a couple in conflict, a man with a plan, and a botanist’s last stand… and other invasive species of the human kind…

Through live scenes and songs, poetry and physical theatre, comedy and tragedy, Murmurations explores what we need from nature and what nature needs from us in a world recovering from sickness.

Director // Nathan Curry

Writer // Steve Waters

Designer // Blythe Brett

Sound Design // Polly Wright & Guy Connelly 

Stage Managers // Josephine Tremeling & Lizzy Fretwell

Technical Manager // Steve Watling 

Performed by Chanice Hird, Emily Eversden, Fiona Watson, Mario Christofides, Carl Parkin

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