NIGHTSHIFTER by Temper Theatre

Jacksons Lane Theatre 

Nightshifter examines our conflicting priorities in daily modern life. With the chaos of technology, fast paced social networks, demanding careers and responsibility to family - do we have time to actually care for each other?

How far can one individual stretch in caring for the world at large? How far can our compassion reach?

Developed in collaboration with the ensemble, the design forms a system of moving frames which pick out moments in a solitary girl's day. Light and sound direct focus in and around her struggle to balance her concern at the raging world around her, and the emotional tie to her home and loved ones. 

Director // Finn Morrell

Set & Costume Designer // Blythe Brett

Sound Designer // Dom Gowland 

Devising Performers // Zoe Villiers, Jack Bentink, Eden Harbud, Sam Williams, Nhung Dang 

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