New Diorama Theatre & Edinburgh Fringe 

Co-Directors & Performers // Julian Spooner & Matt Wells

Composer & Musician // Khaled Kurbeh

Co-Director // Hamish Macdougall

Set & Costume Designer // Blythe Brett

Lighting Designer // Simeon Miller

Associate Director // Mine Cerci

Production Manager & Technical Stage Manager // Adam Jefferys

Sound Engineer // Ben Grant

Assistant Director // Sam Critchlow

Producer // Grace Dickson

Photography by Cesare de Giglio

'It's a powerful design by Blythe Brett that hints a a darker underbelly we chose to ignore: the fearful reality that lurks beneath all that political clowning...'

The Guardian 

'This is shape-shifting, thought-provoking theatre that interrogates the world we live in, how artists fit into that, and what price we pay for choosing the easier options. It's surprising, disturbing, and, at its conclusion, desperately moving.'

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