Tron Theatre, Glasgow 

Based on the book by Édouard Louis, translated by Lorin Stein.

Growing up in a small rural French town, Édouard endured the violence and homophobia of his alcoholic, right-wing father, a factory worker. In 2000, his father suffered an accident in the workplace which left him bedbound and on morphine for the pain.

Now, Édouard confronts his father, who, barely fifty years old, can hardly walk or breathe. Uncovering a startling connection between political decisions and his father’s broken body, Édouard’s anger transforms to compassion. His father’s capacity for violence appears to be the product of years of social brutality.

Louis sets about rewriting the recent social and political history of France, exposing how the consequences of neo-liberal ‘reforms’ inflicted on the lives of workers are lived out in their own bodies.  

Adaptor & Director // Nora Wardell

Co-Set & Costume Designers // Blythe Brett & Hazel Low

Lighting Designer // Joshua Gadsby

Sound Designer & Composer // XANA

Dramaturg // Matthew Evans 

Production Manager // Elle Taylor

Stage Manager // Louise Gregory

Performer // Michael Marcus

Photography by Emily Macinnes

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